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Mr. Franklin

I want to add a patriot burial to your listing. My ancestor, Zephaniah Dowden, Sr., is buried in Dowden Cemetery in Jackson County. His service was as Private, 3rd Company, Middle Battalion, Militia, Montgomery County, Maryland, September 1777. Our evidence is from the Maryland State Archives, Index to Revolutionary Soldiers. He additionally served Indiana in the War of 1812 as Corporal, 2nd Regiment, Indiana Militia. Taken from the War of 1812 Muster Rolls, Roll Box 60 Roll Exct 602, Roll Record 1236.

For whatever reason, my ancestor has not been included in Indiana's patriot list and I would like to rectify that.

1.CHILD1 ZEPHANIAH3 DOWDEN, SR. (THOMAS2, JOHN1)ENDNOTEREF1 .html#ENDNOTE1> 1 was born March 03, 1749/50 in Montgomery County, Maryland, and died Aft. 1820 in Jackson County, Indiana. He married MARY UNKNOWN 1778 in Maryland. She was born in Maryland, and died Aft. 1820 in Jackson County, Indiana.

Notes for ZEPHANIAH DOWDEN, SR.: The following Dowden's took the "Oath of Fidelity and Support to this State" administered by Will Deakens, Montgomery County, Maryland, 3 March 1778: Michael Dowden, Thomas Dowden, Jr., Zachariah Dowden, and Zephaniah Dowden.

Revolutionary War service: * Private, 3rd Company, Middle Battalion, Militia, Montgomery County, Maryland, September 1777. From Maryland State Archives, Index to Revolutionary Soldiers.

War of 1812 Service: * Corporal, 2nd Regiment, Indiana Militia, from the War of 1812 Muster Rolls, Roll Box 60 Roll Exct 602, Roll Record 1236

Zephaniah Dowden, born about 1750 and probably in Maryland, was among those who signed the Patriot's Oath of Fidelity and Support for Montgomery County, Maryland, signed 3 March 1778. Documents show his occupation to be that of a blacksmith. It appears he married there, although nothing is known about his wife Mary aside from her given name and the fact that she also was born ca 1755 or earlier. Shortly after their marriage, a record of their purchase of 40 acres from Elisha and Ann Williams, and the sale of that land before 1790 suggest the possibility Elisha Williams could perhaps have been her father, brother or other relative.

They moved to Surry County, NC sometime after 12 March 1780 (when their apparent first child was born in Maryland) and 1790 when they appear on the census of that county. The census states: Zephaniah Dowden - 1 male over 16; 4 males under 16 & 3 females, which makes it reasonable to believe children William, James, Thomas, Zephaniah Jr., Jane, and Nancy were born before 1790. They bought land in 1795 when Surry County, NC deeds show: 14 July 1795 - James Steelman to Zephaniah Dowden; 2 Aug 1795 - William Petty 413 acres to Zephaniah Dowden including improvements where Dowden is now living; 12 February 1796 - Zephaniah Dowden and Mary Dowden his wife 350 acres to John Harbour; he then sold 350 acres of land to John Harbor 12 February 1796 and 10 October 1799 - Zephaniah Dowden 413 acres to William Beaver.

In the 1800 census, they are found in Wilkes County, NC, although no other records have yet been found to trace their activities in that area. The 1800 census for Wilkes County, NC lists for Zephaniah Dowden 1 male 0-10 years, 2 males 10-16, 2 males 16-26, 1 male over 45, 3 females 1-10 years, 1 female 10-16, and 1 female over 45. Family legend says they lived in Kentucky before moving to Indiana, although again conformation has yet been discovered to support that legend. By 1807, they had moved to Clark County, Indiana and from that time, only fragments of family history have been found.

Clark County, Indiana Territory, 12 December 1809, US Territorial Papers, petition for suffrage signed by Zephaniah, Zephaniah Jr., James, Thomas, William Dowden.

Clark County, Indiana Territory, 1812 Census ID# IN2111084

* March 9, 1816, Jackson County, Indiana. Estray Records - Estray horse taken up by James Shipman living in Driftwood Township about four miles from Vallonia. A yellow sorrel supposed to be nine years old ... Appraised to be worth $25 by Daniel McCoy and Zephaniah Dowden, appraised before the undersigned Justice of the Peace this 9th day of March, 1816. //s// William Crenshaw.

* Jackson County, Indiana, 1820 census; Zephaniah Dowden over 45 and 1 female over 45.

"History of Jackson County, Indiana" tells of some of the actions taken to establish that new county, in which the Dowden family now appear to have lived, and names of other people in that area and times later are shown to be connected with various Dowden family members. Zeppania (sic) Dowden and Samuel Burcham were appointed to "view a road"; John Ketchum was associate judge; John McCormick, Jr. was appointed supervisor; McKinney Carter was appointed constable and Alexander A. Meek was a noted commissioner.

It appears the family must have acquired a joint interest in one particular piece of land, since the will of Thomas Dowden (one of the sons of Zephaniah and Mary Dowden) written in Clark County on 13 July 1812 describes it as being in Harrison County. On 7 Jan 1827, another son, James "and Rachel his wife" sell the same section of land to Henry Kindle (James' brother-in-law), "except one rod square to include the graveyard". Since Zephaniah and Mary Dowden are not found after the census of 1820 in Jackson County, we presume they may have died by the time of the sale and have been buried in that "graveyard". This family cemetery is located in the Driftwood Township of Jackson County, Indiana, Section 4N, Range 3 East, Section 17, NW 1/4.

TC Dowden

Additional information and sources can be found at the internet page below.

Thomas Dowden - Thomas Dowden

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* The Dowden Cemetery and portions of the two sandstone markers were found March 4, 2001, by Robert K. and Thomas C. Dowden and their wives, Myrna and Kim Huong. The plot is 400 yards south of CR 600S at an 'S' turn on SR 135, positioned on a knoll about a hundred yards west of SR 135 along a tree/fence line on the Travis Jamison farm. The Dowden Cemetery was previously referred to as the "Lost Cemetery" until researched by Fred Peters, Driftwood Township Coordinator, Jackson County Genealogical Society in 1989.

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