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Born: 1754, Antwerp, Antrim County, Ireland

Died: Dec 27, 1839

Burial: Gray Cemetery, Bath Township, Franklin county, Indiana.

Buried on farm owned by Mrs Lulu Abbott, Bath Twsp. Have not been to this site yet but DAR records show it had a stone and a S.A.R. marker

Cemetery is in section 36, Bath Township, R1W, South of Brookville Road, approximately 1/2 east of CR 200 W. Also buried there is David's wife Nancy and daughter Susan.
These are the only graves at this site, this cemetery is listed in Franklin County, Indiana as a pioneer cemetery.

Service: Enlisted Aug 1, 1776 from Bucks Co, Penn as private under Capt Jemison
Col Smith in Penn Militia, served 11 months

At time of enlistment he was a resident of Warwick Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Proof: Pension S 32282

Married: Nancy BLACKBURN, March 18, 1799 in Bradston, Nelson County, KY
born abt 1769 in Kentucky, died August 10, 1823 at age 43.


Isabella: Born 1796 in Nelson Co, Ky

Mathew: Born Feb 27, 1799 in Nelson Co, Ky

Elizabeth "Lizzie": Born 1801

David Jr: Born June 13, 1803 in Nelson Co, Ky

Nellie Eleanor : Born 1804

Nancy: Born 1806

Whiteford: Born May 10, 1808 in Marysville, Nelson Co, Ky

William: married Rose Ann HANSEL

Susan: Born May 29, 1812

Martha: Born Aug 20, 1816

Mary: Feb 3, 1819


In 1779 resident of Nelson County, Kentucky


Revolutionary War Soldier, Historical Sketch, read at the Eighth Annual Reunion
of the Descedants of David Gray, held at College Corner, Ohio, August 19, 1923.

The first we know of David Gray, soldier under General George Washington in
At a time he twenty-four years of age, a husky young Irishman, spoiling for a fight.
The next was taking the Oath of Allegiance as directed by the State of Pennsylvania.
That oath was:

"I do hereby certify, that David Gray, of Warwick Township, Bucks County, hath voluntarily taken and subscribed the oath of affirmation, pme a;;egiance one fidelity as directed by act of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, passed on the 13th day of June 1777 A.D.

Witness my hand and seal, the 1st day of July A.D. 1777
Joseph Sackett, Notary:

His Captains in the Revolutionary War were John Jamison, John Thomas, John cope, and William Ramsey. He participated int he Battles of Staten Island, Brandywine, and Germantown. George Washington commanded in all three of these engagements.

Notes above from Mike DEITRICH March 19, 1998

David Gray's residence at the time of his enlistement was in Bucks County, Penn. He applied for a pension 6 November 1834, at the age of eighty-two years. The pension was granted and he always recieved it at Brookville, Franklin County, Indiana.

Aunt Mary Gray Miller ( now ninety-four years of age) rembers how he used to ride the old gray mare to Brookville to get his pension. He became so feeble that he had to get on a chair to mount his horse.

His next appearance is in Nelson County , Kentucky and where also some time between 1790 and 1800, he married Nancy Blackburn. He emigrated to Franklin County, Indiana, four miles west of where Oxford now stands.

When he arrived there were no roads, no bridges, no schools, no churches, no neighbors, only an ocassional log cabin in this vast wilderness, which stood awaiting the strong arms of this sturdy Irishman to help subdue it. Here he lived until he was ninety-two years of age, dyaing in 1844 and is buried in a neatly kept grave back on his farm, not far from old Mixerville, Indiana.

His children: Isabel Gray MCLEM, Matthew Gray, Nellie Gray RHINEHART, Elizabeth Gray,
Nancy Gray MILLER, David Gray, Whiteford Gray, William Gray, Martha Gray SWIFT,
Susan Gray, Mary Gray BURRIS and John Gray, 12 in all.

Above contributed by Mrs G E Elsbery, 550 South 45th St, Boulder Colorado, 80302.

A good bit of the data above was provided to me by Jarren Gray of Grove, Oklahoma in May 2004.



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