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The Indiana Society of the Sons of the American Revolution

Volume 34, Number 2 October 12, 2002

President John A. Kesler, Sr. called to order the Summer meeting of the House of Delegates, INSSAR, at Jonathan Byrd's Cafeteria in Greenwood, Indiana, at 10 a.m., July 13, 2002. The meeting was opened with an invocation, posting of the colors by a Color Guard consisting of Acting Commander Earl W. Salisbury, Stephen Oberlin, and Dennis Lowery, the Pledge to the American Flag, and the SAR Pledge. Secretary Robert E. Burton was selected Parliamentarian for the meeting.

Roll call determined that a quorum of at least 10 compatriots from two districts was present. Total was 17 representing 8 chapters.

Minutes from the July meeting were approved as were the amended minutes from the April meeting reflecting the intention to nominate Trustee Theodore J. Williams at the appropriate time for election at the 2003 National Congress as Vice President-Central District for 2003-2004. It was explained that 2003 will be the Indiana Society's turn to elect a Vice President and to serve as host of the Central District meeting in September, 2003. The action was necessary to give Trustee Williams authority to proceed with planning the meeting, which occurs a short time after his formal election.

The Secretary's membership report showed that the year began with 522 members and now has 593, which includes 16 new members. Supplemental memberships recognizing five ancestors have been approved for three compatriots.

He also announced that billing/dues cards for 2003 will be sent to chapters in September, keeping in mind that their dues collections for 2003 must be received by the Secretary by December 31, 2002. (Note the Schedule of Fees and Dues, page 0)

Further noted was that the transfer of records to the new Registrar has been completed, and that NSSAR is eliminating assignment of state society membership numbers, but state societies may make their own assignments. Also, when there are deficiencies in applications and documentation, NSSAR is now returning the entire file to the Secretary, who in turn will pass the file back to the applicant to correct.

President Kesler reported that the Executive Committee meeting prior to the business session had resulted it setting the agenda for future in-depth discussions on each subject in the future. These include: District Directors reporting at each meeting; adopting NSSAR's policy of fee reductions for multiple applications; location of future meetings; importance of having a program at each meeting; deferring selection of new Golden Chapter winners; selection of new committee chairmen if current chairmen do not continue; responsibilities of chapter coordinators for census prospects; encouraging chapters to send articles for The Hoosier Patriot; activities and leadership of the Color Guard; status of the graves project; encouragement to

make suggestions to Nominations Chairman Mike Green; whether any of INSSAR's funds could be used for contribution to the NSSAR library project; promoting attendance at INSSAR meetings; review of purposes of endowed and restricted funds; relationships with DAR and CAR; how to better promote Orations and Essay contests, as well as Eagle Scout and ROTC programs, and the Flag Project; and clarifying and upgrading the individual awards program.

Treasurer Laurence Wheatly reported that he had a good record of receipts and disbursements but had not prepared reports for the end of last fiscal year and the first quarter of the current year and would file them with the minutes of this meeting.

Acting Color Guard Commander Earl Salisbury displayed newspaper publicity received by the color guard in the North District area. He commented that the Color Guards get wonderful publicity and attract potential members, but the guardsmen are busy and often can't talk to prospects. Volunteers are needed to attend events and talk to potential members. He also announced an upcoming event at Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, August 17 at which Benjamin Harrison and William English will be honored. He noted that Compatriot Lowell Nichols is developing a computer record of the Color Guard inventory of uniforms and equipment.

Director Roger Barnhart reported a rededication program which was sponsored jointly by Anthony Halberstadt Chapter and the Pokagon Chapter of DAR. It was mentioned that the next House of Delegates meeting on October 13 will be hosted by the Halberstadt Chapter, with emphasis on the history of the that area.

District Director Wheatly reported that Posey-Vanderburgh and General Thomas Posey Chapters are being revitalized and are holding meetings. Hoosier Pioneer Patriots Chapter is not meeting now. Daniel Benton Chapter and John Hay Chapter will have a joint meeting.

Past National Trustee Charles F. Bragg announced that the goal of $6 million for the NSSAR Library Building is split evenly between construction costs and an operating endowment fund. He reported that Alexander Hamilton Chapter has pledged $500 over five years and that the time span will permit even small chapters to make significant pledges. $1.1 million has already been raised. He noted that if every member of SAR nationally gave $100, another $2.6 million could be raised. He offered to come to chapter meetings to talk about it. Participation at the state level was urged by Compatriot Donald Smock, but it was agreed that a review of funds which could be used come first.

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Page Two The Hoosier Patriot October 13, 2002

The Hoosier Patriot

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The Indiana Society Sons of the American Revolution

Micheal L. Mullenix Editor

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Jack E. Moore Vice President

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Laurence H. Wheatly Treasurer

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Salem, IN 46167

From The Desk of the President

It has been a busy time in our Indiana Society and I am thankful that we have the opportunity to be an influence for good in the communities where we live.

Our SAR Color Guard has been involved in many parades and ceremonies, the most important one being the Celebration of the Birthday of President Benjamin Harrison, the only Indiana man ever elected President of the United States. He is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis and our SAR Color Guard/Rifle Salute Squad participated in the birthday ceremony at his grave, which was attended by several hundred people, a very impressive ceremony. I was proud to present a wreath in honor of his birthday on behalf of our Indiana Society SAR. He was a member of NSSAR, one of the 17 U.S. Presidents who were members, including our present President.

I also was invited to give greetings on behalf of our Indiana Society SAR to the Great Lakes Regional Convention of the CAR which was held at the Adams Mark Hotel in Indianapolis. Over 200 were in attendance and they were truly a handsome, well behaved group of young people. My wife and I enjoyed that evening with them very much.

I am also looking forward to the Central District SAR Meeting which will be held at the Adams Mark Hotel in Columbus, Ohio, October 25th and 26th. Our National President General E. Rice Ashton will speak on both Friday and Saturday and I would hope that some of our fellow compatriots will attend. Our own Ted Williams will be the Vice President General of the Central District next year and I am looking forward to having the district meeting in Indiana.

I appreciate receiving an invitation from the DAR State Regent, Mrs Janice Bolinger, to attend and bring greetings from SAR to their State Conference Formal Banquet on September 22nd at the Marriot in Indianapolis. And our own Color Guard will be in their opening ceremony. We are honored.

We had a great time at our SAR National Congress in Nashville in July. Our House of Delegates Meeting will be in Ft. Wayne October 12th. A wonderful meeting has been planned, including the ladies, and I am looking forward to seeing a good number of you Compatrioit in attendance there. We only get together four times a year. To be an effective voice throughout Indiana the local chapters have to participate with their presence at these quarterly meetings.

INSSAR President 2002-2003

John A. Kesler,

Secretary Burton sumarized the report of ROTC Chariman Larry A. Sperzel which showed that 20 bronze medals and 12 silver medals were, respectively awarded to high school and college winners.

President Kesler reported that Barbara Jones, winner of the INSSAR Orations Contest, participated in the NSSAR contest at Nashville, but was not a winner. He also added that progress in being made in appointment of committee chairmen. He has invited incumbents to let him know of their willingness to continue.

Medals announced at the Annual Meeting were on hand and presented by President Kesler as follows" Patriot medals , Jack E. Moore and T. Rex Legler II; Meritorious Service medal, Earl W. Salisbury; and Bronze Good Citizenship medal, Donald Smock, whose appointment as the President's Aide-de-Camp was announced by President Kesler. He announced that the Golden Chapter winners for 2001 did not get selected but that the 2000 winners will continue to hold the bears until winners for 2002 are announced.

He also stated that he was disappointed that INSSAR did not win any of the many awards made at the Congress. He plans to push the award by chapters of certificates for patriotic (not commercial) display of Old Glory. He urged chapters to make such a selection within their community and to write a letter to Secertary Burton to obtain a certificate that can be presented. He also urged that chapters identify potential speakers on patriot topics from within their membership. This is another way of promoting the organization as well as its patriotic purposes. He also emphasized the importance of the Census of relatives of current members who qualify for membership in SAR. He urged each chapter president to name a coordinator of this project for the Chapter.

Following lunch in the Cafeteria, President George Washington, aka Compatriot Thomas B. Williams of the Clarence A. Cook Chapter, appeard in full dress Continental Army uniform to present a short talk in the literary style of Washington about his views of the nation and its future. He spoke of the opportunities for present and new citizens, and he admonished those within his hearing to support the fledgling counrty by being good citizens.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 2 p.m.

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Page Three The Hoosier Patriot October 12, 2002

Page Six The Hoosier Patriot October 12, 2002

NSSAR Census of Qualified Prospects

Indiana Society

The National Society Census of Qualified Prospects is in full swing, and our President John Kesler has designated Presidents of each of the 18 Indiana Society Chapters as Chapter Census Coordinators, or CCC's. There have been two electronic distributions of qualified prospects to the State Data Coordinator and many of you already have received listings of Qualified Prospects from the State Data Coordinator, Noel Reen, in paper or electronic form.

Email distribution to our 18 chapters is obviously the most efficient way to distribute the listings, and email addresses have been ID'd for all but 5 of our chapter Presidents. If Robert Price of Coquillard, James Niehaus of Clark, David Lash of Martin, Brandon Halleck of Knight and Tim Wolf of VanGorden have email addresses, please send same to Noel Reen at <> .

The processing for the Indiana Society has been slowed as no chapters had designated CCC's, until President Kesler took action. The CCC's are the key to the success of the identification, contact, follow-up, application initiation and completion of the search for new members within our own families.

The role of a State Data Coordinator is to key to a computer program data submitted to the National Data Coordinator in paper form, for all the Districts in the U. S. A.. Data is also received via electronic means as well. The SDC for Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia sends the resulting electronic data to the NDC for coding, sorting and return to the SDC of coded Qualified Prospects lists for all three states in our District. Our SDC then breaks down each list by state and CCC, which is then transmitted by snail or email for action at the local level.

Indiana is attempting to identify a State Census Coordinator, whose duties include the "people " part of the project in Indiana, assisting the Chapter Census Coordinators with contacts, recruitment, application assistance of prospects, and coordination at the State level of the overall recruitment effort. Should you wish to be involved in this important membership growth project, please make your interest known to President John Kesler at email <>, phone 8112-533-2319.

The Chapter Census Coordinator is the key contact point in this project, with responsibility for initial contact with the Qualified Prospect, follow-up to check on prospects research progress, assistance in obtaining and preparing and submitting prospects application for SAR Membership, and reporting periodically as requested, with a status report on the lists of Qualified Prospects that were directed to the Chapter.

Should you have questions, please direct them to Noel Reen, State Data Coordinator, Central District, at 765-447-5973, e-m:, and he'll do his best to answer them, or contact other sources for an answer

the words "Under God" in the pledge to the U. S. Flag.

The minutes were read and approved and there was no new activity in the treasury. Richard received an application from a Mr Paul Hervey Connlley of Milan, Indiana. Steve reported the fee to submit an application to the Sons of the American Revolution has been increased by (five) dollars.

The V J Day Parade in Seymour in which the Color Guard will participate will be the second Sunday in August, which is August 11th.

Steve reported on the Fourth of July Parade in Bedford, Indiana in which the Color Guard participated in. From our chapter there was Jim Harvey, Stephen Franklin and John Sheets. The Color Guard also participated in the Catfish Festival Parade at Shoals, Indiana on Saturday July 6th. Jim, Steve and John were the participants from our Chapter. The Daniel Guthrie Chapter has, Rex Legler II and III, Edward Hitchcock and Bob Howell. The unit won a Plaque for the best costumes.

John brought up the question about the chapter awards, in particular the Teddy bear Award. Since a Teddy Bear was deemed inappropriate by some, John suggested than rather to abolish the Chapter recognition - that a plaque, medal, trophy, banner or paper certificate be used instead. Steve said he would send an email in those regards.

John previously gave Steve a summary of our activities to send to Mike Mullenix for the newsletter. John suggested that a special attention be given in the newsletter to honoring the residents at the Veterans Hospital at Christmas time. Hopefully by submitting the idea early other chapters will have the same success we had here in Jackson County, Indiana working with the Veterans Affairs Officer Mike Fink. We hope to keep this as a on going project for this coming year.

Richard is going to send Bryce Ping from our chapter a card, since he is seriously ill in the VA Hospital In Indianapolis, John also said flowers or balloons be included due to Bryce being a faithful member and all the work he has done for the chapter.

The application on Mr R.R. "Phil" Robertson was moving along splendidly with excellent documentation there were only one or two minor details remaining. It was also stated his membership and participation would be a big asset to our chapter. He also reported that we could obtain our membership book with the members names and the names of their patriots from which they descended and a brief history of each patriot at a reasonable price.

The meeting was adjourned with the SAR Recessional.

John Sheets - Secretary

SAR Trustee's Meeting

NSSAR Headquarters - Louisville, KY

September 27 - 28, 2002

Central District Meeting

(IN, KY, OH, WV)

October 25 - 26, 2002

Adams Mark Hotel - Columbus, OH

David Benton Chapter Brownstown, Indiana

July 13, 2002. The meeting was called to order by President Richard Benton. He led the group in the Pledge Of Allegiance to the Flag and the SAR Pledge. The group unanimously agreed to keep

Page Seven The Hoosier Patriot October 12, 2002

Flag Day 2002


Sept 21, 2002 - Daniel Guthrie Chapter - Bedford, Indiana

Apple Butter Festival Parade

Spencer, Indiana 1:00 p.m.

need to muster at 12:00 p.m. down at the river

Sept 21, 2002 - Alexis Coquillard Chapter Meeting

River Inn in Bristol, Indiana

(1 block east of the theater on Main St at 12:00 Noon)


This meeting on Sept. 21, 2002 to honor Patriot William Tuffs, the only Rev. War soldier buried in Indiana that participated in the Boston Tea Party, several Rev. War Battles and the War of 1812.

Sept 22, 2002 - Daniel Guthrie Chapter - Bedford, Indiana

Indian Summer Festival Parade

Paoli, Indiana 2:00 p.m.

need to muster at 1:00 p.m. at the Paoli High Schoollocated south of the downtown square

Sept 28, 2002 - Tri-Chapter meeting John Martin, William Knight and Wm H Harrison Chapters at Crawfordsville, Indiana

Holiday Inn, 2500 Lafayette Rd (US 231 South of I-74)

Sat Sept 28th, 2002 11:30 A.M. Luncheon & Program.

WilliamKnight Chapter hosting

Sept 28, 2002 - Daniel Guthrie Chapter - Bedford, Indiana

Persimmon Festival Parade at Mitchell, IN—

This festival and parade have been held over fifty years.

The Hoosier Patriot

Michael L. Mullenix - Editor

7504 W 400 N 27

Converse, IN 46919-9343

Fall Meeting INSSAR


The Golden Corral Restaurant

4747 Lima Road

Fort Wayne, IN

Saturday, October 12, 2002

9:00 a.m. Fellowship and Refreshments

Executive Board Meeting

10:00 a.m. House of Delegates

12:00 Noon Lunch Buffet (5.79 per person)

1:00 p.m. The Hearthstone Singer

(Hoosier Pioneer songs -1860's)

The Ladies Program in the a.m. may include a visit to the

Lincoln Museum or the Botanical Gardens downtown, or a

nearby shopping mall. Arrangements are pending for a trip

to the Old Fort but construction may preclude that.

Help The Editor

Your stories, articles, and information about your meetings are always welcome, no matter how you get them to me. However, if you provide them on a disk or e-mail attachment, using Microsoft Word, Word Pad, or Corel Word Perfect, I don't have to retype them.

You can also just send it to me as a regular e-mail and I can import it directly into my program.


Take I-69 to IN 3 South exit (Lima Rd.),

drive 3 blocks East to 4747 Lima Rd.

INSSAR Meetings 2002-2003

February 11, 2003 To Be Announced

April 12, 2003 To Be Announced

Page Four The Hoosier Patriot October 13, 2002

Page Five The Hoosier Patriot October 12, 2002

President's Message

(Continued from page Two)

I attended the Daniel Guthrie Chapter meeting in Bedford and had a great time. I awarded Patriot Medals to Rex Legler and Steve Franklin, two most deserving gentlemen.

I am encouraging our Chapters throughout Indiana to present a Certificate of Honor for flying the American Flag to someone in your community. It is a very simple thing to do, all you have to do is fond somebody who flies the flag every day and present them the Certificate, which our Society will furnish. It is a good program to do at one of your Chapter meetings, but you could do it at some other public occasion or you wouldn't have to have a ceremony at all, just deliver the Certificate to the recipient. If we get at least 10 of our Chapters to do this we will qualify for an award at the next National Congress in Chicago.

Also I am forming a Speakers Bureau and I encourage our Compatriots to volunteer. In an age where the political correctness crowd is rewriting our history books, trying to water down the Pledge that new citizens take, taking God out of our Pledge to the Flag, etc., It behooves our SAR to rise to the occasion. Members of our Speakers Bureau would solicit invitations to speak before service clubs, churches, public occasions, etc. Put together a speech about what is being done to our history books, leaving out the olds dead white European males" who gave us our country and made it great and relplacing them with other men more politically correct persons who did little or nothing that would qualify them to go down as an important person in history.

We are still desperately in need of a State Census Coordinator. You would be diong a great service gor your State Society if somebody wpuld take on that job. It is an important job and vital to the SAR. The program could result in thousands of new members. I believe that Nationally there are only about 27,000 members of NSSAR, whereas the DAR has over 190,000 members.

I would also like to announce that I have appointed Jim Jones to the position of State Chairman of CAR Liaison/Protocol Committee and Steven Young as Chairman of the Eagle Scout Committee. J. D. Strouth has been appointed by me as Satae Chairman of the Americanism Committee. All other Committee Chairmen have been reappointed as they existed last year.

J. D. Strouth, Posey-Vanderburgh Chapter Registrar, presents the JROTC Award to Cadet Bret Buickel at Central High School in Evansville on April 25, 2002.

Felix McWhirter Dies

Services for Felix T. McWhirter II, 85, Indianapolis, who died June 19, 2002, retired chairman of Peoples Bank and civic leader, was at 2 p.m. June 25 in Tabernacle Presbyterian Church, of which he was a member.

The grandson of Peoples Bank Corp. founder Felix T. McWhirter, Mr. McWhirter was elected to the board of directors of the bank in 1938. He had served various positions at Peoples Bank & Trust Co., before retiring as chairman. Fifth Third Bancorp acquired Peoples Bank Corp. in 1999. Mr. McWhirter was past president of the Indianapolis Banks Clearing House Association and Clarence A. Cook chapter of Sons of the American Revolution and was Indiana chairman of the National Independent Bankers Association. He also had served as chairman of Wheeler Mission and served on the finance and budget committees of the Military Order of the World Wars. Mr. McWhirter was a member of the Columbia Club board of directors, and was director of Crossroads of America Council of Boy Scouts of America and the Citizens Forum.

He was a member of Radio Free Europe, Christian Business Men's Committee, the Indiana Judicial Nominating Committee for the Indiana Supreme Court and Indiana Court of Appeals, Woodstock Club and Service Club. In 1987, he received the Civic Citizen Award from the Downtown Indianapolis Kiwanis Club, of which he was a member. He also was named a Sagamore of the Wabash.

A cyclist, Mr. McWhirter had been an alternate on an Olympic cycling team and had gained national attention when he cycled around the Great Lakes. He was a Navy veteran of World War II and had served in the Army Reserve. Memorial contributions may be made to Wheeler Mission, the church, Oaks Academy or the Old Centrum.

Survivors include his wife Julia Margaret Jennings McWhirter; children Julia Ann Dees, William Evans McWhirter, Virginia Laurie Hafkey; seven grandchildren.

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