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Born: June 23, 1748 Louden County, Virginia

Died: Feb 17, 1835

Burial: Lewis Family Cemetery, adjacent to Little Flatrock
Christian Church Cemetery, Rush County, Indiana

Service: John Lewis volunteered in Loudoun County, Virginia, sometime in July 1776 to serve as a Private in Captain George West's company of minute men, and held himself in readiness for service for 18 months, but was not called out. He then moved west of the Alleghany Mountains and enlisted at Cox's Fort at the mouth of Cross Creek on the Ohio River, above Wheeling, in the month of May and served one month as private in Captain Mason's company, under Colonel Abraham Shepard, stationed at Fort Wheeling. He was then drafted and served six months as drummer in Captain Isaac Pierces's company of "Wood Rangers," under Major Henry Taylor. Defending the frontier settlements from the Indians.

He then moved to Washington County, Pennsylvania (?) and was drafted in 1780 served one month as 1st sergeant
of Captain Bates' company under Colonel Campbell, stationed at Fort Laurens on the Muskingum River.

So it sounds like he did not do any fighting in the American Revolution War.

But he did receive a Pension in the amount of $90.99 on 4 March 1831.
I also found out that he could not write, he signed with a X.

Some of the Items I received I could not read 100% of because it was written in long hand.

The above information on John Lewis's Military service was given to us by
Jim on Sept 16, 2002.
Thanks for your contribution!!

Proof: Pension File S16448 and Indiana Pension Certificate 13805

Married: (1st) unknown

(2nd) Mary POWERS - 1771 in Virginia
(3rd) Mary MARTIN - 1814 Braccken County, Kentucky

Children: By (2nd marriage)

Sarah: Born 1772 - Died 1801 - married 1790 to Joseph WRIGHT

Thomas P: Born 1774 - Died 1831 - married (1st) Elizabeth Thompson
married (2nd) 1824 to Nancy DRISKELL

Joseph: Born 1776 - married Catherine WILSON

Nancy: Born 1778 - Died 1848 - married 1797 William THOMPSON

Phebe: Born 1780 - Died 1855 - married C E DICKSON

Margaret: Born 1781 - Died 1838 - married 1799 Andrew GUFFIN

Mary (Polly)L: Born 1783 - maried 1809 Aaron OWENS

Jane: Born 1785 - Die d1870 - married (1st) George POWER
(2nd) 1836 Thomas DISHER

Stephen: Born 1786 - Died 1856 - married Mary Vermillion

John Jr: Born 1800

Information on the family was collected by Mrs Blanche BROOKOVER SPENCER, Globe, Arizona and the Rushville Chapter DAR, Rushville, Indiana



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