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Born: May 14, 1760, Culpepper Co, Virginia

Died: 1843 in Franklin Co., IndianaJan 14, 1829

Burial: buried in Sims Cemetery across the county line in Union County, IN;
HOWEVER, Goverment moved all graves to a new location in Franklin Co, Indiana.
This may have been due to the Brookeville Lake Project.
Sims Cemetery is located in another cemetery, and can be reached by going across the causeway.

Service: Private in Capt Andrew WALLACE'S Co., 12th Virg Regt.
Enlisted March 1, 1777 for 3 years.
Transferred to Lt Col William HETH'S Company 333rd and 7th Virg Regt in May 1779.

Appointed sergeant Feb 16, 1778

Signed the Hanover Petition in Virginia in 1783.

Was at Valley Forge

Proof: Pension record

Eckenrode's List Rev Soldiers of Virginia - page 277

Married: (1st) Amelia RUSSELL in 1779 at Culpepper, VA (1760-1822)

(2nd) Mrs Fear STURDEVENT (1779-1840)


Larkin: Born Jan 30,1780 - married Sally RICE

Mary: Born Sept 16, 1781 - married Joseph Shepard Allen

Joshua: Born June 15, 1783 - married Agnes BOAZ

James: March 20, 1785

William: Born March 3, 1787

Elizabeth: Born Dec 18, 1788 - married JOhn STINSON

Sarah: Born Nov 23, 1790 - married Richard WILLIAMS

Stephen: Born Nov 24, 1792 - married (1st) Elizabeth MCCarthy
married (2nd) Mrs Nancy BETTS

Thomas: Born Feb 23, 1795 - married Pleasant RICKETTS

Ann: Born Feb 10, 1797 - married James WILLIAMS

Martha: Born Feb 4, 1799 - married (1st) Jacob GIGER
married (2nd) Henry NICHOLS

Lewis: Born March 21, 1802 - married Frances SAYLOR

Information collected by Mrs Elmora P Campbell, Liberty, Indiana
and the Carolina Scott Harrison Chapter DAR, Indianapolis, Indiana.

As for people who might want more information about William Sims or Robert Hanna, both of them are pretty easy to research. For Sims researchers, I'd recommend any of these three books:

(1) Sims, Frederick A., CONTRIBUTION TO THE HISTORY AND STORY OF THE FAMILY OF STEPHEN SIMS AND DESCENDANTS, [privately printed, 1937, available at the Indiana State Library and elsewhere].
(2) Prewitt, Lela Wolfe, ANCESTORS & DESCENDANTS OF THOMAS SIMS OF CULPEPER COUNTY, VIRGINIA, EDMUND BUTLER OF VIRGINIA AND KENTUCKY WITH ALLIED FAMILIES & OTHER CULPEPER DATA, [privately printed, Fairfield, Iowa, 1972, available at the Indiana State Library and elsewhere].

(3) Prewitt, Lela Wolfe, and Albert Egerton Simms Jr., SIMMS, [published in loose-leaf form 1993 by Albert Egerton Simms, Jr., 5 Warfield Place, Fredericksburg, VA 22401; combining material from Mrs. Prewitt's book with his additions].

Stephen D Franklin

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